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I created the Empowerments Collection as a way to set an intention for myself - as a prompt towards qualities that are already deep within me, that I sometimes need to remind myself to lean into. Whether you are like me and need the reminder, or you just want to broadcast it to the world - pick your words!

- Anna Corpron, Owner and Designer

Make it a mother/daughter thing!

Get matchy matchy and twin with your little one with our large and small necklace sizes.

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Shop the look


Why I love my Brevity Jewelry . . .

Pure affirmations of love, life, truth and worth. Beautiful. xo.


Simply the best. There is so much attention to detail in this piece and the quality is superb. Thank you, Brevity, for creating a community of warriors.

Debra D.

I love my necklaces. They say so much without saying a word. I like to wear them especially when I'm visiting schools to encourage and uplift.


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