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Ambitous is not a dirty word

According to a 2017 poll done by the Pew Research Center, the top three characteristics that American society values most in men were honesty/morality, success, andĀ ambition. The top three for women were physical attractiveness(surprise! šŸ™„), empathy/nurturing, andĀ intelligence. These expectation gaps shape us and affect the way that we live and work in the world on a daily basis. Ambitious women are often perceived of as bossy or selfish. Ambitious men? Leaders.Ā 

By no means am I putting down or denigrating motherhood or those who choose to stay home. In fact, I started Brevity in large part so that I could have the flexibility to stay home with my kids while working, and I consider motherhood to be my most important job. But, it's wrong that ambition in women is looked down upon, or that we are judged as bad mothers or wives for pursuing ambitions and dreams outside of the home.Ā 

So, if you want to own your ambition, here's visible, daily reminderĀ to you of your power to change the world - whether at home, at work, or within your community. Be brave and bold and pursue your dreams, whatever they might be!

The Ambitious Necklace is available in stainless steel and gold-dipped, and in a large and small size.Ā 


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