Signature Bracelet
Signature Bracelet
Signature Bracelet
Signature Bracelet
Signature Bracelet
Signature Bracelet

If you have it ready, upload a photo or scan of the signature via the "Photo" button on the right (one image only - if we need another, we'll get in touch). Accepted file formats are .jpg, .tiff, .gif, .png, and .pdf.

Orders may be placed without an uploaded photo. After placing the order, you can email it to us at a later date.

A rush option is available for an additional fee. At the latest, rush orders will ship 15 business days after the proof has been approved, but we can often accommodate even shorter leadtimes. If we aren't able to get your order to you in the time frame that you desire, we can provide you with a printable gift card that features your custom design which you can give to your loved one until the real deal arrives. See a sample gift card here.

Signature Bracelet
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As personal as it gets. Make your mark.

Your signature is unique - it is a symbol of your identity and is the mark that you use to represent yourself to the world. It is one of the most personal things about a person - the distillation of a one-of-a-kind personality into a mark that was developed over the course of a life. Whether you choose to wear your own John Hancock or honor a loved one by wearing theirs, our Signature line is as personal as it gets.

stainless steel, sterling silver, and gold dipped:
ranges in width from .75" - 1.5", depending on the signature
14k gold (all colors):
small: up to 1.25"w x .5"h
medium: up to 1.5"w x .5"h
large: up to 1.75"w x .5"h

stainless steel, sterling silver, and gold dipped:
5", 1.5" extender
14k gold (all colors):
5", no extender

stainless steel: stainless steel pendant, sterling silver chain
sterling silver: sterling silver pendant and chain
gold dipped: gold dipped pendant, gold-filled chain
14k gold: 14k gold pendant and chain

These items are custom made with lots of love, so they have a longer lead time. But they are worth the wait! These are the current ship dates, for orders placed today:

stainless steel: 03/15/2021
sterling silver:  02/08/2021 - Valentine's Day!
gold dipped: 02/08/2021 - Valentine's Day!
14k gold ship date: 02/08/2021 - Valentine's Day!

Missed an order deadline? We can send you a personalized gift card that features your design to give to your loved one until the real deal is ready to ship.

At the latest, rush orders will ship 15 business days after the proof has been approved, but we can often accommodate even shorter leadtimes. Just get in touch! Estimated ship date for rush orders placed today:


Non-custom orders typically ship on Mondays, via the shipping method selected. For custom orders, ship dates are noted on the individual product pages. International ship times vary depending on customs procedures. 

Packages may be subject to import tax upon arrival, for which Brevity is not responsible. While UPS packages are more easily tracked than USPS, UPS import taxes tend to be significantly higher than USPS, so please select your shipping accordingly. We are unfortunately unable to provide an estimate of the import tax.

Please contact us at or 917-209-8876 with any questions about your order.

Non-custom items that are returned within 30 days from the order date are eligible for a refund, if in their original packaging and condition. After 30 days, we are unable to offer a refund or exchange. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Once we have received the returned items, we will promptly issue a refund to the credit card or PayPal account used for purchase.

Custom items are non-refundable and are exempt from being returned. Orders cancelled prior to the receipt of the proof will be refunded 75% of the order total. Orders cancelled after the proof has been submitted but prior to manufacturing will be refunded 50% of the order total. We are unable to refund orders that have been submitted for manufacturing.

Please see here for additional Returns & Warranty policies. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I wanted to do something special for my mom to commemorate my grandmother for my upcoming wedding.

I wanted to do something special for my mom to commemorate my grandmother for my upcoming wedding. Her birthday was October 1 and I was getting married October 2 so it was extra special. Anna made a beautiful bracelet with "Love Always" in my grandmother's handwriting. My mom absolutely loved it (tears upon opening!) I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for a unique and sentimental gift.

In May of 2012 the week before Mothers Day I lost my brother.

In May of 2012 the week before Mothers Day I lost my brother. He was 40 years old with 2 young children. We were devastated. It was a very hard Mothers Day for my mom to say the least and every year we are reminded of that horrible phone call that affected our family! This was taken from a card he had given her that she had saved. I cannot wait for her to open it and I know it will be perfect and defiantly special! I will hopefully post pictures on my Instagram soon!

My grandfather was my father by all measures but bloodlines.

My grandfather was my father by all measures but bloodlines. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of him walking me down the aisle. I was a definite (grand)daddy's girl, and I craved these father-daughter moments with him. He passed away unexpectedly this past May, and now my wedding day is very quickly approaching. I took a flight home two hours after receiving what will for a lifetime be one of the only devastating moments that has brought me to my knees. I faced every fear I could have never imagined by walking into a home without his voice, touching the belongings he would never again hold in his hand, searching for him in places I would never again find him. Out of the absolute blue, while searching through his bedroom, I stumbled upon a printout of my grandfather's EKG. His heartbeat. The mark of a man whose laugh was so infectious, whose eyes gave away a heartful of contagious love, whose vibrant life was now summed up in these tiny peaks portraying the strongest heart I've ever known. I contacted Anna almost immediately, and she didn't even hesitate when she told me she could transform the printout into a bracelet for me. My wedding is now two weeks away, and although I can't hug him extra tight before walking down the aisle, although I'll never know how his eyes might have lit up extra special with overwhelming love when he saw me for the first time in my dress, looking at me the way that only a real father can look at his little girl who has suddenly turned into a woman, I will carry him with me, and I will wear his heartbeat so proudly on the wrist he would have held as he gave me away. There will be so many moments that feel impossible to get through without him, not just on my wedding day, but every day for the rest of my life, but I'm finding that I can truly carry him with me, and I always will. His heartbeat on my wrist will be an incredible reminder of the man who taught me how to love, who packed so much love into the brief twenty one years I sp...

"Lenny" was my wifes brother.

"Lenny" was my wifes brother. He was a special needs person with significant mental and some physical disabilities. He was not able to read and his ability to write was severely limited to things like his name. For the most part he could only replicate things that were printed for him by someone else. As a result there were very limited examples of his signature to use for the bracelet. Fortunately his mother saved one such example in which he wrote about his visit to his grandmothers house. He had printed his name on the top and I was able to lift that from the document and Anna did an amazing job at making it into a beautiful and very meaningful bracelet. Lennys life was cut short by cancer at the age of 56. My wife was very close to Lenny and provided him with an amazing amount of love and happiness during his entire life. She made sure that he got to experience so many things in life that unfortunately many special needs individuals do not get to experience. His final three months were tough on Lenny. The cancer advanced rapidly and my wife took him into our home for the final few weeks of his life. I can think of no better way for my wife to remember the good time she enjoyed with Lenny then by the bracelet that Anna made for us. I am surprising her with the bracelet on her Birthday. There is no doubt that more tears will be shed in Lennys memory when she opens the bracelet, but there is also no doubt that she will get tremendous joy and loads of happy memories every time she wears it.

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